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26.10.2013 14:54 Uhr - 1. Bundesliga - frh, PM HBL

Dr. Frowin Fasold: "A gifted handball-player is also a good football-player"

Combined Training session: Handball-players of HSG Wetzlar and soccer-players of Mainz 05. Both are playing in the first division in Germany.Combined Training session: Handball-players of HSG Wetzlar and soccer-players of Mainz 05. Both are playing in the first division in Germany.
Some weeks ago Roman Weidenfeller, goalkeeper of football Champions League finalist Borussia Dortmund, visited the handball match between VfL Gummersbach and ThSV Eisenach and after the match he was impressed of the match and the atmosphere in the Schwalbe-Arena. This was the reason to ask the question if both sports might profit in training and game from each other. Dr. Frowin Fasold, Ph.D. at the institute of cognition at German sports university in Cologne said yes.

Mister Fasold, Footballer and Handballer seem to be two different types of athletes. Can they profit of each other?

Dr. Frowin Fasold: Sure. Some football coaches thought about that and published articles.

Which tactical principles from handball could be used by a football team?

Dr. Frowin Fasold: The changing of the players behind the back would also help the football players to create new situations and also the pushing into the gap between two defenders might be useful in football as well as the parallel movement of different players which is a key in handball. Furthermore the physical stability might be useful in one-on-one situations because a handball player needs to have that because of the rules and this might help a football player also.

Could also Roman Weidenfeller learn something of Carsten Lichtlein who stands behind the posts of the handball goal?

Dr. Frowin Fasold: The comparison between goalkeepers in handball and football is very interesting because those two sports are completely different. But there have been already created links between those two. If, for example, an attacker is shooting just meters away from the goalkeeper and the football goalie just has to keep the ball away from the goal and does not have to catch the ball there are links to the game-play of the handball goalie. In this case the movements of a handball goalie would help his colleague in the football goal.

So it would be useful for the football national team to practice with the handball national team and profit in this way as well as the other way round?

Dr. Frowin Fasold: For sure. The transition game and the counter pressing could be an example for handball as well because there is the biggest chance to win back the ball. This could be solved with an immediate man-to-man defense to force the opponent into long balls. Furthermore the situations after the game was interrupted is used better in football because free-kicks 30 meters away from the goal cause danger for the defending team. In handball those situations might be the key for some game-plays like in basketball.

Handball players always say: If handball would be an easy sport it would have been named football. Is it possible to compare these sports if one of them is more complex?

Dr. Frowin Fasold: This is almost impossible to compare because the rules and the organization of the game are so different. A team from the top in football is able to give their opponent space to create chances. On the other hand handball players have to make decisions with more time-pressure. But football also needs coordinative skills because there are 22 players on the pitch and not only 14. Furthermore it is more difficult to play the ball with the foot than if you use the hands. Diskutieren Sie direkt im Forum mit!


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