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07.01.2017 13:00 Uhr - 1. Bundesliga - glg

“I wish that handball is played regularly in the USA”: Three questions to...Mattias Andersson

After the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Mattias Andersson ended his national team career. Instead of preparing with the Swedish national team for the world championships in France, the 38-year-old is able to take an exciting vacation. For the New Year he ended up in New York with his family. He coincidentally met editor Gerrit Lagenstein at the basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers and willingly answered three short questions.

What brings you here? Do you also play basketball in practices at SG Flensburg?

Mattias Andersson:
A friend called me today and asked if I wanted to come to the basketball game. I accepted immediately. My son was totally thrilled. In Flensburg we sometimes play basketball during warm-ups. What my skills allow: I’m a Swede- we are not a big basketball nation. (laughs)

The NBA is considered as the strongest basketball league in the world, the German HBL as the strongest in handball. However, the leagues can’t be compared with each other in terms of range and salary. Would you happily trade arenas once?

Mattias Andersson:
Yes and no. Of course the major team sports in the USA like basketball and football are much more attractive to sponsors and fans, on the other hand the HBL is not so terrible there either. I would rather wish that handball is played regularly in the USA.

The American national team coach Javier Garcia claimed during the summer that NBA star Lebron James could be one of the best handball players with only six months of training. How do you assess that?

Mattias Andersson:
I haven’t seen much of him yet. Therefore it’s difficult for me to assess that. But I believe there are a few very good handball players who needed a long time in order to reach this high level. Six months is really way, way too little. Diskutieren Sie direkt im Forum mit!


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