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17.04.2017 15:25 Uhr - 1. Bundesliga - territory, Lufthansa exclusive - translated by ewo

Sideways glance: "Farmers and coaches" - Football coach Carlo Ancelotti on "Quiet leadership"

Carlo AncelottiCarlo Ancelotti
Quelle: Michael Heuberger
In his job as coach of FC Bayern München Carlo Ancelotti is not far off winning the German Championship. In contrast he is under considerable pressure after his teams recent loss against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of Champions League. Pressure that the experienced coach is well used to and which he deals with calmly, such as when kissing the agitated Franck Ribery on the forehead after subsitituting him. The Italian calls it "Quiet leadership" - drawing a comparison between farmers and coaches in a talk with onboard magazine "Lufthansa exclusive".

Carlo Ancelotti, coach for FC Bayern München for almost a year now, won Champions League once with Real Madrid and twice with AC Milan and celebrated successes with FC Chelsea and Iuventus Turin. In the April issue of "Lufthansa exclusive" the 57 year old talks of his life, his preferences - and his recipe for success Quiet Leadership: "It is not the only way to train a team, it is my way."

It fit his roots, his character, his mentality. "Quiet does not mean I am always quiet. It can happen that I need to raise my voice, not so much when a player makes a mistake but when he does not show the attitude that can be expected of him." He does not believe in coying his colleagues methods, he does not care about comparisons. "That is only relevant for media and fans, it does nothing for me."

Ancelotti who also won national and international titles as a player, has trained superstars like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he is friends with all of them to this day. Even more important to him to be close to his loved ones: "Nothing is as important as the family." That is something he also tries to teach his players, refraining from encarcerating them in hotels: "What good does it do if after every meal each of them sits alone in their room staring into their mobile phone? They should be home with their wives, kids and friends."

In his talk with Lufthansa exclusive - the magazine on "The fascination of travel and experience of flying" of the German airline that reaches 1,6 million readers in 17 European countries - Ancelotti also talks about his childhood in Reggiolo in the Emilia Romagna region, a small town with 9000 inhabitants. "We were poor, but decent. We bred pigs, slaughtered them in winter and ate the meat throughout the year."

A good farmer and a good coach have one thing in common according to Ancelotti: "Both sow their seeds and need to be patient to be able to bring in the harvest." Ancelotti sees himself as a curious person. "Wherever I go, I aim to understand the people I meet." He is just learning German, works on grammar and vocabulary several times a week, already speaks English, Spanish and French. But he believes the only way to really get to know a person is when sharing a meal. Diskutieren Sie direkt im Forum mit!


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