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05.08.2014 19:31 Uhr - World Championship - cie

Russian national team defeated by German Second League team

Russian national coach Oleg KuleshovRussian national coach Oleg Kuleshov
Quelle: Victoria Weihs
The Russian national team travelled to Germany to absolve some test-matches in preparation of the upcoming task as the World Championships in Qatar in January. Coach Oleg Kuleshov called a young team, for example experienced Konstantin Igropulo was missed. But after a good performance by a 25-30 defeat against German champion THW Kiel the Russians lost surprisingly in Hildesheim against a team of the second division.

Eintracht Hildesheim was the opponent of the Russian national team and the team of the 2. Bundesliga showed a good performance. Up to the score of 5-5 the match was even, but than Hildesheim increased the score to 15-9. Russia was only able to shorten the distance up to the break, a 15-19 was on the scoreboard.

But the first ten minutes of the second half were dominated by the guests: Russia played well in the defence, Hildesheim was not able to score. After five Russian goals in a row Hildesheim was 19-20 behind, but the host fought back - now they scored five in a row and were by 24-20 again four ahead. By 29-23 the match was decided, at the end the score was 31-28.

"That`s a fine mess", laughed Gerald Oberbeck, coach of Eintracht Hildesheim and explained: "You know the medias, if you beat the Russians you are favourite to promote into first division." He was satisfied with the performance of his team. Oleg Kuleshov was not satisfied: "Nobody is happy if his team is on the way to lose a match", he declared and said: "We are in the preparation and there are many young players in the squad."

Eintracht Hildesheim - Russian National Team 31 - 28 (19-15)

Eintracht Hildesheim:
Wetzel, Kinzel
Struck (4), Tzimourtos, Nikolov (1), Stüber (3), John (1), Zechel, Lungela, Wilken (1), Gamrat (1), Zufelde (4), Tzoufras (2), Herbold (1), von Hermani (7/1), Savvas, Nartey (6)

Russian National Team:
Sorokin, Levshin
Zlitnikov (5), Voronin (2/1), Shalgin, Komogorov (10), Soroka (1), Nasyrov (1), Karalev (4/3), Aslanyam (5), Kudinov, Pysktzin, Kalarash, Karlov

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