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09.01.2017 13:20 Uhr - World Championship - PM DHB, red

World Cup: Germany announced fifteen players, final test with Glandorf and without Gensheimer

Holger GlandorfHolger Glandorf
Quelle: Ingrid Anderson-Jensen
Tonight the German national team will play the final dress rehearsal against Austria in Kassel and Holger Glandorf will be on the pitch giving his comeback in the jersey of the German national team. Already before this match coach Dagur Sigurdsson announced fifteen players for the upcoming World Cup in France, number sixteen is still open and there is no information if it will be named before the start of the tournament or if Sigurdsson will leave himself a way out to make a late call.

Germany started the preparation for the World Cup in France with eighteen players, but already on Thursday Holger Glandorf arrived as number nineteen. After the injury of Steffen Weinhold Sigurdsson had nominated Glandorf as backup.

"We miss injured players like Fabian Wiede and Christian Dissinger - and now also Steffen Weinhold. For nearly every nation such a loss of key players would be hard to compensate, but we still have good players and hope to cope this problems like a year ago", German coach Dagur Sigurdsson said.

In tonight`s match against Austria the German coach will miss Uwe Gensheimer, too. The father of the winger died on Sunday and so the player of Paris Saint-Germain travelled to his familiy in Mannheim. But Gensheimer is on the list of fifteen players with a ticket to the World Cup in France, place number sixteen is at the moment still open.

And there is a question mark if Germany will travel with sixteen players to France or if the place will be open giving the opportunity for a late call. Before the final test match against Austria the German Federation announced the departure of Philipp Weber, Erik Schmidt and Jens Schöngarth and added that Holger Glandorf will leave the team before the journey to France.

German team for match against Austria:

Silvio Heinevetter, Andreas Wolff

Rune Dahmke, Tobias Reichmann, Patrick Groetzki

Finn Lemke, Steffen Fäth, Julius Kühn, Paul Drux, Simon Ernst, Holger Glandorf, Kai Häfner, Niclas Pieczkowski

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