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10.01.2017 14:48 Uhr - World Championship - chs

Sweden wins final test before the World Cup against Chile

Johan Jakobsson had a breakJohan Jakobsson had a break
Quelle: Ingrid Anderson-Jensen
Sweden dominated the dress rehearsal before the departure to the World Cup in France. In front of their home-crowd the favourite celebrated a 38-21 (18-10) against Chile. The team from South America will be the underdog in the fight for one of the four tickets to the next round in group C against Germany, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Hungary and Belarus. Sweden will face in group D the teams from Argentina, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt and Denmark.

Chile had a good start into the match, the underdog scored the first two goals. But at 4-3 Sweden was after three goals in a row for the first time ahead and after the 5-5 the favourite was in the driver`s seat of the match. The host scored five unanswered goals and increased the lead at 14-6 to eight goals.

A 18-10 was on the scoreboard as the sides were changed and after just a few minutes of the second half the distance reached at 22-12 the two-digit area. Sweden was still hungry, Chile had no answers. The difference increased to eighteen goals, the last goal scored Chile to the final score of 38-21.

Sweden played this last test match without Johan Jakobsson. After a brain concussion he had a break, Andreas Cederholm replaced him. Coach Kristjan Andresson announced after the match, that he decided to play at the world cup with the two goalkeepers Andreas Palicka and Mikael Appelgren, the duo of German top club Rhein-Neckar Löwen. Michael Aggefors will be reserve.

Sweden - Chile 38 : 21 (18:10)

Simon Jeppsson 4, Niclas Ekberg 4/1, Jesper Konradsson 4, Emil Frend Öfors 4, Albin Lagergren 4, Mattias Zachrisson 4, Jim Gottfridsson 3, Andreas Cederholm 3, Andreas Nilsson 3, Fredric Pettersson 2, Philip Stenmalm 2, Jerry Tollbring 1

Rodrigo Salinas 9/5, Diego Reyes 3, Esteban Salinas 3, Pablo Baeza 2, Emil Feuchtmann 2, Erwin Feuchtmann 1, Javier Frelijj 1 Diskutieren Sie direkt im Forum mit!

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