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10.01.2017 16:50 Uhr - World Championship - ajo

"Great honour" - Three questions to Egypt`s Captain Ahmed El Ahmar

Ahmed El AhmarAhmed El Ahmar
Quelle: Ingrid Anderson-Jensen
Ahmed El Ahmar will lead the team of Egypt as captain at the upcoming World Cup in France. The backfielder is one of the most experienced players of his country, in 2015 he played for some months in German Bundesliga and won with SG Flensburg-Handewitt the German cup. Last weekend the 32-year old player and his team were guests in Denmark to play the BYGMA Cup as preparation for the World Cup. Ahmed El Ahmar was close to his former club in Flensburg and met Astrid Jöhnck, she asked him three questions for

How do you define the appointment of being captain of your team?

Ahmed El Ahmar:
This appointment means a lot to me, I take it very seriously. In the warm-up for example I am introducing what we are doing. It is a great honour for me and I am very happy to be the captain of this national team. I try to be a shining example for my teammates.

Looking back on the BYGMA Cup, what is your general impression?

Ahmed El Ahmar:
It was an important tournament for us and a good experience. We lost all three matches against Iceland, Denmark and Hungary - but in my oppinion we made a good job. I think, that our team has a great spirit. Our most dangerous weapon is our fastplay, this will also be our trump card at the World Cup in France. I hope that we are able to play a good tournament and to reach positive results. A key will be to minimize the technical faults - and we need a little luck. For me it was something special to meet my former teammates Lasse Svan and Kevin Möller - especially because Lasse and I met as captains.

You are speaking about Flensburg, what do you think about your time in German Bundesliga?

Ahmed El Ahmar:
I am often thinking back to my time at SG Flensburg-Handewitt, this are great memories. It was a wonderful experience and I am still benefit from this experience in Bundesliga and Champions League at my club in Egyot and the national team. I have a close look to my former club and I cross my fingers that Flensburg will be able to win the title this season. Diskutieren Sie direkt im Forum mit!


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