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11.01.2017 11:00 Uhr - World Championship - Astrid Jöhnck

"Happy that the Crown Princess is active, too" - Talking to ... Mikkel Hansen

Mikkel HansenMikkel Hansen
Quelle: Ingrid Anderson-Jensen
In the past days Mikkel Hansen was not only busy in the preparation with the Danish national team for the upcoming World Cup in France, which will be a special one for the backfielder playing on club-level for Paris Saint-Germain. One of the superstars of handball worked also for a special issue and presented together with the Danish Crown Princess Mary the projekt "Antibulli". Astrid Jöhnck talked to the world handball player of the years 2011 and 2015 about this new projekt and the situation to play with the national team in his second home in Paris.

Since 2015 you are working on the project MH24 - Forening Mikkel mod Mobning, which is a club fighting against mobbing at kids and teenagers. What is the idea of the new projekt "Antibulli"?

Mikkel Hansen:
Our target is, to create with "Antibulli" an atmosphere in teams and clubs infused by tolerance, respect and helpfullness. My personal motivation is, that I like kids and I want to make young people aware of errors that I made in my own youth. In addition I experienced that it is not easy to be an accepted member of a team if you are one of the youngest and smallest players at first hand.

In my oppinion handball is characterized as having fun and being part of a team. Mobbing is not allowed to bar the way to it, a club should be a place for feeling comfortable - independent of the question if you are a good handball player or not. Togehter with some clubs we started pilot projects, developed tips, advices and exercises for the work with handball-kids from six to twelve years. They should help to prevent from stopping to play handball due feeling uncomfortable in the club or the team. We hope that as many clubs as possible will get part of it and do their bit in the fight against mobbing.

How important is, that Danish Crown Princess Mary is active at this project?

Mikkel Hansen:
Without a doubt that is a great thing for our project, because with joint forces you are even stronger. Thanks to the engagement of the Crown Princess there was much public awareness for our project and that is important. I hope that we can win even more people to be active in this project. I am very happy that the Crown Princess is active too and make this projekt even more interesting for the public.

A question before the start of the World Cup. Denmark will play the preliminary round in Paris, your second home. Is it something special for you?

Mikkel Hansen:
For sure. That will be super. I hope that it will be positive for my performance to play in Paris. And I hope, that we will have "home-matches" with Denmark due many Danish fans travelling to Paris. In my oppinion it is very attractive to travel to Paris at this time. You can enjoy the city at the day and watch handball in the evening. I don`t know maybe I will be the tour guide for our national team. By now I knew the city very good, so if someone needs an advice, I will help. Diskutieren Sie direkt im Forum mit!

Männer · World Championship · Saison 2016/2017
1. Spieltag · 01/13/2017 · 20:45
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy

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