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29.01.2017 15:20 Uhr - World Championship - fcb

"A dream coming true for us" - Talking to Bronce medal Winner Marko Bezjak

Marko Bezjak and Slovenia celebrated bronce in the cabineMarko Bezjak and Slovenia celebrated bronce in the cabine
Quelle: Pillaud, France 2017
It was the biggest success for Slovenian handball since winning silver at the EURO 2004 on home-soil and the first ever medal at a World Cup. With a tremendous catch-up Slovania turned the tide in the final ten minutes against Croatia and celebrated with their fans a 31-30. "The country is very happy and we are very happy", said playmaker Marko Bezjak after the match interviewed by

Marko, what happened in this final minutes as your team turned the tide in the match against Croatia?

Marko Bezjak:
We believed that we can make it up to the end. We were eight goals behind, but believing that it is possible put us back on track - and in the final minutes we played crazy.

Our defence was very good and compact, our goalkeeper made three or four good saves. And we played fast, were agile and powerful in fastbreaks and with individual fastbreaks and the second wave.

So from my point of view, we earned this victory and I am happy and proud. But I have to gratulate Croatia to a superb and very fair match.

The best ten minutes of your career?

Marko Bezjak:
This ten minutes were very very good. It were the best ten minutes of the history of the team, that presented character. We had in this tournament already a similiar situation as we were five behind against Tunisia, started a catch-up and won an important point in the final five minutes. But this was a match for a medal, and it was the first time in my career to turn the tide in such an important match. Only strong teams can achieve this.

What means this medal for the country of Slovenia?

Marko Bezjak:
It is the second medal for Slovenia, the first one was the silver medal at the EURO 2004 in Slovenia. We already tried several times to attack the top teams, in Spain 2013 we reached the semifinal for example - but we clearly lost the match for the third place. But this time we pointed out, that we want this medal. I think the country is very happy - and we are very happy.

What are the plans after todays victory?

Marko Bezjak:
We will start a party, we will celebrated a day or maybe two. And than I want to relax two or three days and return to Magdeburg. The season in Bundesliga already starts in ten days with the next match for my club and I hope that it will tick the same way like here in France with the national team.

Looking on the bronce medal, a dream came true?

Marko Bezjak:
For sure. It was such a big dream to take a medal at this World Cup, a dream came true not only for me, for all of us. Diskutieren Sie direkt im Forum mit!


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