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07.08.2013 10:51 Uhr - 3rd League North - PM Füchse, red

Japanese player joins Füchse Berlin

Dagur Sigurdsson and Ryota TanimuraDagur Sigurdsson and Ryota Tanimura
Quelle: Füchse
The preparation camp of Füchse Berlin had some international guests this year. Beside two Icelandic players for the Bundesliga team of the A-juniors who practiced with the teams, there was also a player from Japan who will now play for one year in the team of the Jungfüchse in the third league. Füchse coach Dagur Sigurdsson found out abot this player as he played at Wakunaga (Hiroshima) for three years.

The Icelandic coach is still in touch with his former club in Japan and his aim was helping the Japanese handball to improve as he held a coaching seminar in Japan during his holidays. In January, Sigurdsson invited four players from Japan to practice in Berlin.

The best one in these practices turned out to be Ryota Tanimura and now he and his wife have been invited to Berlin. The 27 year old and 1.87 meters tall back-player has been pracitising handball since the age of thirteen. For Tanimura a dream came true with the step to Europe as the European handball is a role model for all Japanese players. The new player who already received a new nickname, called "Tani", said: "I was surprised and I am looking forward to these new challenges."

In Japan handball is organized completely differently and does not play a big role behind the big sports football, baseball and martial arts. In the first league, there are just teams from different companies and most Japanese players start their handball career in high-school or college.

This was also Tanimura´s way of choosing handball as his sport. Later on, the player who was born in Tattori moved to the team of Wakunaga. The company manufactures products for healthcare and nutrition made of garlic. It is the same club where Dagur Sigurdsson played in Japan during three years and his team-mates were that time all employees of the company and played for the club after work.

His first steps in German handball have been good although Tanimura does not speak German yet and hardly any English. Dagur Sigurdsson added: "He is following my way because as I moved to Japan I was not able to speak Japanese." During the trainings camp he also had to reactivate his Japanese. The back-player also likes the way of practice in Germany because his coach would tell him if he does something good and this is the motivation for him to improve.

In Berlin Wakanuga organized a translator for the travelling employee and the translator supports "Tani" with his German lessons. Dagur Sigrudsson stated: "The first words he will know are the important words of handball and afterwards the real German. If the formalities are done, Ryota will help the team in the third league and maybe makes the permanent move to Europe possible." Diskutieren Sie direkt im Forum mit!


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